Data Spaces Symposium (DSS) 2024 took place at Darmstadtium, Frankfurt between March 12-14. Some key highlights from the event:

 – Strategic Insights from European Commission Speakers:European Commission speakers provided strategic insights into the Data Act and the European data strategy, emphasizing balanced approaches to digital markets and the integral role of legislation in success. 

– Market-X at Gaia-X’s Market Conference, Data Week 2024 by BDVA, and the FIWARE Data Spaces Workshop highlighted advancements in data sharing, value unlocking, and innovation, shaping the future of data spaces. 

Launch of the Data Spaces Support Center (DSSC) Blueprint 1.0: The long-awaited release of DSSC Consortium’s Blueprint V1.0 heralds a transformative era of innovation, efficiency, and federated capabilities, encouraging audiences to leverage its enhanced speed and future-proofing to refine or construct dataspace rulebooks. 


Written by Nishat Mowla