This is AutoSec

AutoSec supports the FFI program Automotive Security and Privacy by dissemination and exploitation of the program results.

FFI – Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation – is a partnership between the Swedish government and the automotive industry for the joint funding of research, innovation and development. The purpose of AutoSec is to support projects funded by this program by coordinating efforts that are of common interest and by dissemination of the overall program results.


  • Dissemination of program results using on-line resources (webpage, twitter, newsletter).
  • Dissemination of program results in open seminars and workshops.
  • Transfer of the program results to educational and competence increasing initiatives in industry as well as academia.
  • Monitoring of work in standardisation committees, interest groups and other cyber security activities related to vehicle industry.
  • Supporting the projects funded by the program by surveys of related research and market trends.

Project partners:

The project coordinator is RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (earlier known as SP Technical Research Institute).
Project partners consist of: RISE Viktoria, Chalmers University of Technology, AB Volvo, Scania CV AB, and Volvo Car Corporation.

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