Confidential information was stolen from Toyota Auto Body’s US manufacturing plant in mid-May 2021 by a Russian cyber organization, according to reports. The Toyota Motor subsidiary announced on Thursday that the hack is believed to be done by a Russian cybergang. The revelation came less than a week after a cyberattack was revealed by another member of the Japanese car giant’s group.

Toyota Auto Body acknowledged that sensitive financial and customer information was available on the internet from Auto Components Manufacturing Mississippi which manufactures Toyota Corolla parts. The firm declined to clarify whether it had received a ransom demand, but claimed no payment had been made. However, it was confirmed that no disruption was suffered by production.

The disclosure came just days after Daihatsu Diesel Manufacturing revealed that a hack had targeted a European subsidiary. According to the parent, the unit “had a problem in accessing its file server in the internal system” on May 14 as a result of illegal access by a third party. There has been no confirmation of a ransom demand. Daihatsu Diesel stated an inquiry was underway and that no additional unauthorized access or problems in other group companies had been found.

Written by Nishat Mowla