A group of students from KTH has shown that a system, developed by a Northern European company, is prone to cyber attacks by hacking their way in through a dongle. The system uses the mobile network to add Wi-Fi to cars of older models.

The students, led by Professor Pontus Johnson and associate professor Robert Lagerström, were divided into three groups and have spent months investigating three different ODBII Wi-Fi dongles, intended to be mounted in cars of older models. The dongle with the security flaw is developed by a Northern European company. Therefore it has been possible for the students to communicate with technicians from the company, which is difficult in other cases, for example when testing cheaper dongles that are often produced in China by companies that ignore security audits.

For the original news article in Swedish, please read it here: https://www.dn.se/ekonomi/motor/uppkoppling-for-aldre-bil-oppen-for-hackning/