This month, reported about a relay attack in the U.K. that really caught my eye.

Q: Remind me, what was a relay attack again?
A: Cars with a keyless entry can unlock them self automatically when the key comes within a certain, short-range, distance of the car. By using “relay” boxes, one near the car and the other near where the key is kept, thieves can lengthen the signal produced by the original key and fool the car to register the key as close by. The thieves can then open, start and drive away with the car.

I know. Nowadays keyless car theft doesn’t raise an eyebrow, but this article really did because of the relay boxes that the thieves used.

Three men were sent to prison by Leeds Crown Court, in the U.K. as they plead guilty to “conspiracy to steal” as they had been court stealing a Mitsubishi Outlanders from a driveway in Scholes on July 20th, this year. CCTV footage showed how the men unplugged the car from its charging point and then used a Game Boy-like gadget for a keyless entry hack to unlock and start the engine of the car.

They disguised their relay boxes to look like the 1990’s Nintendo Game Boy!

I mean, this trio did it with style! For sure we all had a dream like this back in the days. And even though that dream more probably involved a Nintendo Power Glove, this is still creative!

Apparently, the trio stole at least five Mitsubishi Outlanders with their knock-off Game Boy look-a-like device and upon their arrest, the device was found in a hidden compartment of their car. Also, in one of the burglar’s smartphone, a video of how swiftly the device could give access to a car, was found.

According to the West Yorkshire Police, the device is worth approx. £20,000, and, can unlock and start a car in a matter of seconds.

The trio was sent to 30 and 22 months of prison.

Q: Are you allowed to play Game Boy in U.K. prison?
A: Yes, you are. Vice – Video Gaming Behind Bars in the UK

Written by Joakim Rosell