The Connected Automated Driving Event was held in Brussels on the 2nd and 3rd of April. Anders Johnson at RISE reported the event.

Strong participation

On EUCAD 2019 there were excellent participation of DG MOVE, DG RTD, DG CNECT, DG GROW, and EP representative together with experts from Industry, Academia and Institutes, professional organisations from Europe and outside Europe

On the conference issues of importance were heavily discussed, issues such as TRUST in a societal perspective, VALIDATION in a functional perspective, adaptive legislation to avoid legal showstoppers. Traditional areas such as safety, cooperation, and interoperability and technical development are still of high importance but were not treated as critical areas. It is also clear that “the European machine” for CAD exists and has started




17 projects, 18 Member states involved plus 6 Non-EU, 201 partners, 36 cities, 64 test sites, the investments in these projects are €142M

  • ADASANDME: Developing cooperative intelligent transport systems that compensate   human errors, facilitate driving behavior, avoid collisions and increase safety on the road
  • ARCADE: The ARCADE project aims to build consensus across stakeholders from all sectors on a sound and harmonized deployment of Connected,       Cooperative       and Automated Driving (CAD) in Europe and beyond.
  • AutoMate: Teaming up the driver and automation for safe, efficient and comfortable driving
  • AVENUE: The project deploys, validates and integrates autonomous vehicles (mini-busses) in public transportation services.
  • BRAVE: Increasing society’s confidence in automated vehicles
  • CoEXist Integrating connected and automated vehicles on road networks
  • ENSEMBLE: Implementing and demonstrating multi-brand truck platooning on European and allowing this concept to become a reality in Europe
  • HEADSTART: HEADSTART aims to define testing and validation procedures on specific functionalities of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) functions, including key technologies such as communications, cybersecurity, and positioning.
  • ICT4CART: The project is designing, implementing and testing in real-life conditions an innovative ICT infrastructure that will support higher levels of automated driving.
  • INFRAMIX: Adapting the road infrastructure for future automated transport systems
  • interACT: Improving the communication and cooperation strategy between automated vehicles and other traffic participants
  • L3Pilot: Operating 100 vehicles with 1000 drivers in the public transport system in order to test automated drive systems in conformity with Level 3 and Level 4 under real conditions and in a wide range of applications.
  • Levitate: LEVITATE will develop a wide-ranging evaluation framework to assess the impact of connected and automated transport (CAT) on all aspects of transport and individual mobility as well as at a societal level.
  • MAVEN: Combining automated vehicles and cooperative ITS technology for vehicle movement guidance in urban areas
  • TransAID: Allow a smooth integration of automated vehicles in traffic systems
  • TrustVehicle: Advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios
  • VI-DAS: Integrating the monitoring of the exterior and interior of the vehicle in order to improve transportation safety


Three new Roadmaps from ERTRAC


ERTRAC SRA – Strategic Research Agenda, input to Horizon Europe (FP9)

  • Ensure mobility in urban areas
  • Environmental sustainability: energy and resource efficiency, decarbonization and air quality
  • Ensure an efficient and resilient road transport system
  • Connectivity and Automation – an enabler for improved mobility
  • Provide perfect protection: safety and security
  • Europe as a world leader in innovation, production, and services



EuroNCAP informed that they intend to change the classification of AD to only three levels instead of the five that SAE J3016 stipulates. Effects of EuroNCAP’ s intention is not analyzed yet.


For more information, please contact Anders Johnson.