When we published the news on Tesla GPS spoofing attack a few days ago Benjamin Svensson from Assured AB suggested we should write a bit more about it and accepted an invitation to write the text himself:

GPS spoofing has been around as long as GPS itself and the defence sector has always been at risk for GPS spoofing attacks. In the defence sector they use encrypted protocols to protect against spoofing attacks, which could be challenging to implement in commercial vehicles. There are other ways to protect against these types of attacks though. The vehicle could use key information about the route, for example where it’s been and where it’s going, combined with speed and other measurements the vehicle could detect if the GPS coordinates are changing drastically or in any way looking malicious. Warning the driver that something is wrong and that (s)he should check if the current proposed route is correct and adjust. Magiera and Katulski’s article, Detection and Mitigation of GPS Spoofing Based on Antenna Array Processing presents Spatial signal processing as one defence mechanism, and introduces several others.

For more information contact Benjamin Svensson at Assured AB.